• Strengthen Sri Lanka’s transportation connectivity.
  • Streamline the existing transport network.
  • Minimise traffic violations to a minimum.
  • Mitigate traffic at the 7 main corridors to Colombo.

Action Plan

Smart Transport

  1. Introduce a mobile app for public transport, through which the general public can access real-time locations of buses and trains.
  2. Implement a Smart Time and Queue Management system for three-wheelers and taxies to minimise waiting time for passengers.
  3. Provide an online platform to provide real-time information on available parking slots and collect parking charges with a 10% discount if paid online.
  4. Increase landing capacity at airports using ultra high definition cameras and an integrated data platform that would minimise idle time and increase runway capacity.
  5. Introduce an online platform to file “Road Watch and Traffic Complaints”. Complaints can be filed against all vehicles, including Government vehicles, for breaking road rules and undisciplined parking.
  6. Introduce a smart traffic system to automate traffic lights according to the flow of traffic.
  7. Geo-tag locations with the highest record of face-to-face accidents and provide engineering solutions coupled with advisory signage and notifications.
  8. Introduce handheld spot fine systems.
  9. Introduce discreet traffic light and road cameras to monitor adherence to road rules.
  10. Integrate all E-transport applications into an all-in-one mobile app.
  11. Introduce an electronic payment system for public transport fare collection, with special day or week passes for tourists.
  12. Create and upload awareness videos on road rules.


  1. Implement a multi-modal transport system with slow and express buses with connections to trains at Moratuwa, Kottawa, Ragama and Negombo.
  2. Implement a multi-modal transport system with slow and express buses at Piliyandala, Battaramulla and Kadawatha.
  3. Ensure all new buses coming to the city from multi-modal hubs are low-floor buses with disabled access.
  4. Ensure availability of branches of best schools, hospitals and all other Colombo-based facilities to mitigate traffic in the 7 main corridors to Colombo (Moratuwa, Kottawa, Ragama, Negombo, Piliyandala, Battaramulla and Kadawatha) and other districts.
  5. Build 100,000 apartments in central Colombo to minimise traffic congestions during peak hours as the traffic flow will be directed outwards.
  6. Replace roundabouts at all junctions with traffic lights to reduce costs and travel time.
  7. Ensure all pedestrian crossings are maintain proper lighting.
  8. Implement overhead crossing bridges at crowded crossings.
  9. Introduce minibus services to the 1,400 villages situated over 2 km from a main road.
  10. Build 1,500 charging stations for electric vehicles.
  11. Develop road infrastructure for proposed new economic centres and fish markets at each district.
  12. Develop a National Logistics Network for faster movement of goods.
  13. Modernise overcrowded railway stations with necessary utilities such as canteens, clean public washrooms and comfortable seating.
  14. Equip all railway crossings with warning signals and gates.
  15. Increase number of coaches from 6 to 15 and increase seating for commuters in high-demand overcrowded trains.
  16. Establish designated tourist train coaches with luxury services.