• Defend national sovereignty and strategic importance.
  • Border management of land, maritime and air.
  • Build international synergies and cooperation on matters in security domain.



  1. Enhance National Security.
  2. Enforce “Zero Tolerance” policy against terrorism and extremism.
  3. Appoint one authorised Head responsible for the intelligence operations of the tri-forces and the Police, for effective communication among all units.
  4. Treat “intelligence” as a professional service and recruit the best talent on an attractive salary scale to this service.
  5. Introduce a legal framework to protect intelligence officers from political interference.
  6. Connect intelligence officers with foreign intelligence services and provide them local and foreign training along with modern technological equipment.
  7. Reinforce coastal safety and border protection.
  8. Implement an effective framework for the welfare and resettlement of soldiers.
  9. Digitalise the police with biometric technologies.
  10. Implement facial recognition technology through surveillance cameras to identify criminals and terrorists at any given place.